A little Bit About Me

I am passionate about dance and writing, and these two skills have naturally evolved me into becoming an educator. My work either revolves around teaching dance to students of diverse age groups and backgrounds or educating readers about different aspects of dance, fitness and health through my writing.

Before I started my professional training in dance, I was a full-time writer/reporter. I wrote about diseases and conditions, remedies and solutions to common health problems. The objective was always educating readers and promoting a healthier lifstyle. I still continue my work as a freelance writer. 

Dance didn’t come to me naturally. It was a choice I made and so far it has treated me well. My dance training has been mainly in Contemporary, Jazz and Modern Ballet. I have spent some amout of time learning Hip-Hop, Kathak and Bharatnatyam, which influences my work, at times. I still continue to teach Contemporary and Ballet.

After spending all these in years writing and dancing, it was only natural for me to lean towards combining both. I first collaborated my two skills – dance and wrtitng, when I was asked to write an article about the health benefits of dancing, at my workplace. A year later, when I started dancing full-time, I wrote a couple of chapters on Modern Dance for Indian Bodies, a private educational book for dancers. 

With this BlogSite, I wish to further my views revolving around dance and artists. You can find articles related to dancing, training, health and fitness on this site.