Contact Improvisation – Building mindful physical connection

Contact ImprovisationEarly this year, I had the opportunity to participate in Goa Contact Festival, and the experience has been life-enriching. I feel every dancer or movement artist should experience what practicing contact improvisation feels like. It’s a creative outlet that will definitely challenge your thinking process as well as your approach towards movement and creation. 

Here’s what came to mind when I was asked “What is contact improvisation?” 

Eyes closed, mind open

Arms and feet stretched out on the floor

Back relaxed, spine lengthened 

How I wish, I could feel some more


Starting to move the feet and slowly wiggling fingertips

A creative flood of movement engulfed us all

Without even grasping it, we began rolling around

Listening to our bodies, hearing the sea waves’ call


The sensation of touch felt a little different each day

When I began to closely follow what it had to say

The more I followed, led by a source

I traveled on a path inward, guided by a powerful force


The interplay of movement gradually took on some speed

And before I knew I was up in the air

Beautifully landing my feet on the ground and lead

What would come next, I really didn’t care


The urge for exploration can do a lot, I must say

To each one, it is unique and different in their own way


But, rarely can the urge to explore

Take you on a journey within, without conscious realization

That journey for me is finding mindful physical connection

That journey for me is Contact Improvisation!


Image source: Ambarish Shiva @apertureambi on Instagram