Dance to Transform – The Self

Below is an excerpt of the first ever article that I wrote about dance. I had written it in 2014, when I was a writer at I had not even started with my full-time training back then. In this article I have given an overview of general benefits of dancing, mainly on the mental and emotional level. Although the article is short, I can still relate to every word I have written. 

Dance to Transform Your Body, Mind and Soul- Excerpt

….I believe dance is the only art form that requires a person to be physically, emotionally and mentally active, all at the same time. It has an immense power to integrate the mind, body and soul leaving the dancer transformed from within.

When I started dancing, I had a very narrow vision like most people do. All I knew was that I like dancing. And today, although I still have a long way to go and explore much more, I have realized how deeply dance connects the three elements (mind, body and soul) that revolve around the word ‘self.’

Dance brings you closer to ‘self’: We humans are probably habituated to take our bodies for granted. Thanks to our busy and sedentary lifestyle, most people manage to spend their lives without understanding the importance of their bodies. Your body is the first characteristic feature that defines your ‘self.’ It is the temple of your soul. And dance is one of the ways that helps you to explore your ‘self’ through movement.

Dance builds confidence: Connecting with your body and self gives you the much needed confidence. Dance also gives you the opportunity to meet new people from varied backgrounds, cultures and mindsets. You get to learn a lot from their experiences and as well as get a chance to share your experiences. So, as you learn to dance, you slowly drift away from social anxiety and fear. Dance gives you the freedom to express and present what you learned in a confident way.

Dance is the best way to emote: It took me the longest to understand the connection between expressions and dance. To put it in the best way, I quote Martha Graham, the pioneer of modern dance: ‘Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.’ I believe that dance surely is an outlet of emotions but those emotions cannot be expressed without being completely confident about movements and without believing in them.

Dance brings complete happiness: Nobody in this world has escaped momentary happiness. But to be completely or stably happy, a person must get closer to ‘self’, find inner peace and have control over the mind. And, achieving these three things together is the hardest thing to do in life. But there’s always that one way which can help you to get closest to achieving it. For me it’s dance….

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Featured Image by Ahmad Odeh – Pixabay